The executive members of clubs and community groups do not often appreciate that in undertaking their duties they also assume potentially large personal liabilities. These liabilities are incurred through activities conducted or services provided by the club or community group (the Association) and for the Wrongful Acts (alleged or otherwise) of Directors and Officers while acting on behalf of your organization.

In certain circumstances such Directors and Officers can be held personally liable for the debts of the club or group they represent.

This policy will provide an indemnity to the Association (club or community group) and its duly elected or appointed directors, officers, trustees, volunteers, employees or members of any duly constituted committee in respect of claims made against them jointly or individually arising from any “Wrongful Act’ committed or allegedly committed by them while performing their duties for or in association with your organization.

Director and Officers Policy Information

Please click below to view a complete copy of the Non-Profit & Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Policy wording. If you do not wish to view this policy wording via the Internet or wish to receive a copy of the policy wording by mail, please contact Local Community Insurance Services at the contact numbers shown in the Help Available Here section.

Non-Profit & Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Policy

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