This insurance policy will provide indemnity following the theft or loss of money due to:

  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage Form A (Commercial Blanket Bond)
  • Loss Inside The Premises Coverage - Broad Form
  • Loss Outside The Premises Coverage - Broad Form
  • Money Orders and Counterfeit Paper Currency Coverage
  • Depositors Forgery Coverage


“Money”: means currency, coins, bank notes and bullion; and travellers’ cheques, register cheques and money orders held for sale to the public.

Coverage is not stand alone and coverage must be purchased in parallel with the Property Contents coverage or the Building, Equipment and Stock business property package.

This description is issued as a matter of information only and for full terms and conditions you should refer to the policy wording.

We accept no responsibility whatsoever for any inadvertent or negligent act, error or omission on our part in preparing these statements or for any loss, damage or expense thereby occasioned to any recipient of this letter.

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