• Q: What is Local Community Insurance Services (LCIS)?

    A: LCIS is the operating entity, owned 100% by JLT. The Public Sector business unit uses this entity to market special programs that are of interest to municipalities and other affiliated entities through sub-brokers or direct to client. JLT/LCIS have certain operating agreements with sub-brokers participating in partnership to provide this service.

  • Q: Who are the main target consumer groups for the Local Community Insurance Services (LCIS) Program?

    A: Non Profit Community Groups who require General Liability, Directors and Officers Liability, Accident Coverage, Crime and Property Coverage, User groups of public facilities, event organizers, fundraising committees and many other Groups organized to provide community support.

  • Q: Are all of the Coverage’s Offered Online?

    A: Yes, all coverage’s are available for online application.

  • Q: What other Coverage does this program offer?

    A: The Facility Users and Event Liability Program, is available for “One Day Only/One Time Only” Special Events for any group/individual company (e.g. concerts, parades, parties, demolition derbies, demonstrations, fishing derbies, etc.) If the Event is organized throughout the year/annually coverage for the meeting throughout the year can be made inclusive by extending the terms of the policy on an annual basis.

  • Q: How Do I Receive a Quote?

    A: To receive a quote click “Online Quote” and complete the online application. One of the LCIS staff will review the application and respond shortly with a quote for you to review.

  • Q: What will I receive when my application is processed?

    A: You will receive an e-mail with a summary of coverage with our quotation. Review the coverage that is quoted with our terms and conditions. Once you have reviewed the quote you will be provided with a link to an assortment of payment options including our credit card payment option.

  • Q: How do I pay?

    A: Your Payment is accepted by money order, cheque or credit card. If you are dealing with an approved “Sub-broker” you would make payment arrangements with the acting “Sub-broker”. When you receive your quotation there is a payment receipt slip attached to the quote notification or invoice provided by the “Sub-broker”. Please detach this section and submit with your payment to Jardine Lloyd Thompson Canada Inc., 55 University Ave., Suite 1200, Toronto, ON M5J 2H7 Attn: LCIS. Or, if you are working with a partner broker of JLT/LCIS they will make arrangements for payment with you.

  • Q: How do I receive my policy documents?

    A: Once you have paid a further email will be sent that includes your policy document via e-mail. If requested, we will also send a copy to the “Additional Insured” on your behalf at no additional cost. We will require an electronic mail address to deliver this service effectively. If you do not want your documents solely issued via email, please indicate this and hard copies can be sent via postal mail.

  • Q: Is there a minimum premium?

    A: No. However, certain types of policies carry a minimum premium and it depends on the risk, claims, limit, coverage, and operations. Minimum premiums in some cases are as low as $10 and increase to $500 depending on the risk level of the event, organizations or facility use protection required.

  • Q: When do I need special event liability coverage?

    A: If you are organizing events, and/or activities that are outside of the standard activities you have been insured for with your commercial insurers or your personal insurance coverage, you will most likely need additional special event coverage. For Example, you are involved in a not for profit organization that raises awareness for autism within your community. To raise funds for autism once a year your group organizes a “Fun Fair for Autism Day” which includes rides, games, pony rides, etc. For this one day event you will require further special event coverage since this is typically a higher risk than your day to day administration of “Awareness for Autism”.

  • Q: When do I need community facility users coverage?

    A: Often when you are in a position of renting a public facility you enter into a formal agreement or verbal agreement on the conditions of the use of the premises. In the agreement it typically outlines the nature of your rental arrangement and conditions on things to be done prior to your temporary occupancy of the premises and conditions on exit of the temporary occupancy.

    Many public facility owners will request that you provide evidence of insurance during your temporary occupancy. This condition is quite often part of the conditions of the occupancy contract.

    The public facility owner may also wish you to provide evidence that your insurance coverage is protecting them as well from your potential claims for damages from third parties for their negligence.

    Due to the nature of “joint and several liability” many people and organizations are named in claims for damages arising from negligence. Because the public facility owner is typically turning over the “keys” to the use of the premises they aren’t in control of all your actions. In fact, they may not sanction your activities and be subject to a claim arising from your activities.

    Your own personal insurance or residential insurance coverage may not provide the away from premises coverage you need for short term occupancy of public facilities. It is important that you have the right coverage to protect yourself from the potential of a liability claim. Providers of Facility Users insurance are aware of your activities and understand the nature of the public facility owner and facility user and accept the risk.

    The LCIS facility users coverage is a perfect fit to protect you against those unforeseen events.