At Jardine Lloyd Thompson Canada (JLT), we are proud to introduce Local Community Insurance Services to Canada. We have utilized our association with our sister company in Australia and our strong partnerships with insurers to make a broad range of insurance products available that have been tailored to meet the specific needs of thousands of community groups, clubs and associations.

For the past 15 years, Local Government Insurance Services, as a division of JLT Australia, has been working with local government authorities in Australia to deliver insurance products to community groups. As significant publicity and pressure on community groups to obtain public liability insurance increased over the years, JLT Australia developed a trusted reputation for delivering service and quality to these groups, as well as the best available cost for coverage.

JLT has now created a specialist business unit in Canada to expand the services that are currently available in Australia and make this specialist service available in Canada. Local Community Insurance Services has commenced operation, via a strategic alliance with one of Lloyd’s of London’s premier underwriting syndicates, and can deliver:

  • a specialist focus on the insurance needs of community groups and associations;
  • insurance products and services that are specifically tailored for community groups;
  • extremely broad acceptance criteria;
  • a service team which is experienced in both community group insurance and working with the requirements of local, provincial and territorial governments;
  • a proven track record with community groups;
  • an Internet-based quoting system that reduces administration for our clients.

JLT is proud of the insurance services it has provided to the community sector over many years and we believe that the establishment of Local Community Insurance Services (LCIS) in Canada and our strategic partnership with underwriters at Lloyd’s of London will greatly assist the groups who use our services.

Benefits of our Insurance Coverage Offering


Our depth of insurance experience and working closely with many not-for-profit groups in Canada since 1982 has enabled us to deliver consistent products and prices over many years. Organizations ranging from not-for-profit housing corporations to day care operators have found their cost-conscious needs met or exceeded with the aid of JLT.

Our strategic alliance with Lloyds of London offers further benefit to our clients. The underwriting team at Lloyd’s of London for LCIS Canada is the same team that underwrites the LCIS coverage in Australia.

Online Application and Quoting

LCIS has developed an online solution that enables our clients to easily complete their insurance transactions from anywhere in Canada. Community groups that require specific underwriting considerations will be referred to a specialist team who will be able to provide them with specific insurance quotations.

Maximum Protection & Flexibility

LCIS is able to deliver an extensive range of insurance products to community groups. Our experience has confirmed that community groups will require some or all of the following insurance coverage to protect their risks:

  • General Liability insurance;
  • Non-profit and Association Directors and Officers Liability insurance;
  • Volunteer Accident Coverage;
  • Business and Contents insurance.

Events, Fairs, Festivals & Parades

LCIS is also able to provide insurance for events, fairs, festivals, parades and exhibitors. The LCIS website has been developed to provide information about these products and how community groups can purchase this range of insurances online.

Acceptance by Local and Municipal Government

Recognizing the important role that Local Government plays in supporting community groups and events, LCIS will ensure that insurance products offered meet the requirements of Municipal Councils and Local Governments.

Examples of the type of community groups and organizations eligible for cover include:

  • Senior Citizen Groups
  • Amateur Sporting Groups
  • Social Clubs
  • Arts Groups & Galleries
  • Hall Management Committees
  • Mutual help & Support Groups
  • Community & Neighbourhood Houses
  • Street Parade Organizing Committees
  • Animal Clubs
  • Community Park Committees
  • Museums
  • Resident Associations
  • Fundraising Groups
  • Visitor Information Services
  • Theatrical & Dance groups
  • Music Tuition groups
  • Community Recreation Centres
  • Community Concert Bands
  • Craft Groups and Fairs
  • Youth Development Programs
  • Literacy Groups
  • Resources & Landcare Groups