This insurance coverage will provide Replacement Coverage for Contents of every description following damage to such property belonging to the club or community group caused by an insured peril. Many Non-profit, associations or community groups are administrative in nature and require cost effective coverage to protect their office equipment from damage. Purchasing the right coverage for your organization is important and necessary in providing limited interruption in servicing your memberships should a claim arise. Property Contents insurance ensures protection to your organization by getting your operation back up and running in an efficient way.


“Contents”: includes furniture, furnishings, fixtures, machinery, tools, utensils, appliances, books of accounts, drawings and other records and generally all office contents of every description used in the conduct of the Insured business or profession.

Additional Policy Benefits

Category Coverage
Tenants Improvements Included
Theft Damage to Building 10% of the amount of the Contents Limit
Currency $250
Personal Effects of the Insured or Others 5% of the Amount of the Contents Limit
Extra Expense 10% of the Amount of the Contents Limit
Property Away from Premises 10% of the Amount of the Contents Limit
Valuable Papers $1,000 any one occurrence
Accounts Receivable $1,000 any on occurrence

This description is issued as a matter of information only and for full terms and conditions you should refer to the policy wording.
We accept no responsibility whatsoever for any inadvertent or negligent act, error or omission on our part in preparing these statements or for any loss, damage or expense thereby occasioned to any recipient of this notice.

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