Managing Your Event

LCIS can assist you in the planning of your event, activity, stall or function that will take place on municipal land. It is important that right from the start of your planning process, your committee or group is aware of the need to manage and mitigate any risks undertaken in the conduct of your event. LCIS can provide you with event liability insurance but this should not in any way be seen as a waiver of your responsibilities regarding the safety and security of your participants and suppliers.

Why do we have to manage our risk?

On-site safety at the event is paramount – your public expects to be able to enjoy your event in safe and secure surrounds – and your committee members need to identify potential hazards during the planning of, and on site at, your event and work to implement solutions.

What is risk management?

The basic principles of and processes in Risk Management are:


The following examples of common problems at events give you a taste of the type of things you would look for in your planning and prior to the event:

  • Holes in grounds or in sidewalks;
  • Marquee pegs in thoroughfares;
  • Electrical leads on ground and untagged electrical equipment;
  • Overcrowding in parking lots or mixing vehicle and pedestrian traffic;
  • Uneven stage floor or performance space;
  • No hand washing facilities at food handling stalls;

These examples could be rectified with simple solutions. By early identification of hazards, risks can be minimized. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with the Municipality’s Risk Management procedures and you complete the relevant paperwork.

So how do we go about this process?

Upon the purchase of Event Liability Insurance from LCIS, we will assist you with the risk assessment process by providing you with general forms, fact sheets and explanations to make the process a bit more manageable.

As a start, you can click below for an “Event Management Checklist” which will assist you in considering the range of questions to help identify what is needed for the event / activity you are organizing.

Please contact LCIS for an Event Liability Insurance quotation and more detailed Event Risk Management information.

Event Risk Management Checklist

To view the check List, you will need a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

See the check List (14KB)

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The contents of this checklist are presented "as is" and Local Community Insurance Services does not provide either an express or implied warranty, representation, promise or guarantee with respect to any of the contents of this checklist.